My code is on TV (and so am I)!

FoxNY did a piece featuring me and Diana as hackers who use our technical powers for good, not evil.

There are way too few female technologists on television, and I’m happy to do what I can to show that women kick ass with code! Look for my mischievous I’m-writing-infinite-nested-loops grin in the clip where I’m programming.

If this looks like fun to you, come join us at NYC Resistor (where the segment was filmed!) for Thursday night craft nights or for one of many awesome classes.

  • Jesse Friedman

    You are so smart! At least they edited it to make you sound that way. :)
    I’m just joking we all know you’re a Computer Science Genius.

    Great Job!

  • Sara Streeter

    Highly cool! That narrator was a cutie, and he seemed pretty into the hackery ;-)

    way to go Hilary!!

  • Mikkel Gerdes

    Hacking ;) Guess were still the same persons as we were back in 1996… with a few more skills…

  • BRMatt

    “At this undisclosed brooklyn office space … 60 seconds later … Here at NYC Resistor”
    Wow, great continuity there Fox. To be fair, it sounds more threatening if we don’t know where people are! :P

  • jeje

    Hackers working on Mac? haha