Autoscript Creates LSL Scripts Without Code

This week, I created autoscript, a simple LSL script generator for Second Life. The concept is to translate the way you think about interactive design – what should happen, and when – into functional code.

Scripting is one of the most creative parts of designing immersive spaces, and I hope this will make it accessible to more people. Please feel free to use this code however you like!

Writing a program like this requires a balance between simplicity and flexibility, and I’m erring on the side of the former. I do plan to add more functionality to it and would love your suggestions and ideas! Also, if you encounter anything that doesn’t work, please let me know in the comments here.

The link: autoscript

190 Comments on “Autoscript Creates LSL Scripts Without Code”

  1. Graham Mills says:

    Thanks a lot for this. There is a small bug in the code generated for the rez object on touch option (an unwanted closing parenthesis).

  2. Hilary says:

    Thanks Graham… it’s fixed!

  3. Kyle says:

    this is insanely awesome, nice job!

  4. Ellie Brewster says:

    I’ve got an idea — how about adding “play a sound” in the first column?

    Thanks again, Hilary!

  5. Graham Mills says:

    Maybe add a link to the relevant page(s) on for those wanting to take it further?

  6. Roberto says:

    Thank you for creating this tool it is very cool!

  7. Yeah! great Job!


  8. !van says:

    hey very nice !!!

    its very basic but it can be veeeery useful for ppl who dont know scripting

    and for newbie ; )

    keep on !!! and good luck

    add more things ! try with linked messages

    and maybe u can add ..comunications between 2 objects ..on minus channel. then u can give automaticly 2 script wich will talk on -n or something it will be useful for ppl

    btw sorry for my “perfect” language

    cheers ;)

  9. Hilary says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    Sound is up, along with some object movement code. I found some spam on, so I’ll wait until it’s cleared up to add links.

    I’m working on perfecting one script before moving on to two! I might add a “use a switch” event that allows two scripted objects to communicate, with one activating the other. Would that work?

  10. !van says:

    sure that would be nice,

    becouse ppl ask me almoust for “how can i on touch change color on other object
    or something :) so i brake my head to explain how to make it with linked message or with channels :)

    and at the end i give the script and say just put THIS in one and THIS in another object them and thats it :)

  11. Torley says:

    I just found out about this from Patsy Linden. Sounds pretty kewl thus far, I hope to try it out the next time I need some “casual scripts” to get things done.

    Thanks for doing this! It’s a kind of “I’m surprised it wasn’t done earlier” but I sure am glad it has!

  12. Saijanai Kuhn says:

    Very nice. I’m working on a script library for SL that lives within the client itself. Your script generator would be an interesting panel to use instead/in addition to.

    Give me an IM in world, or email me at

  13. Dvora Tardis says:

    Looks pretty handy. Any chance we can cause more than one effect at a time? I.e. if touched, then “hand out two things and change colour and play a sound”?

  14. Soujanya says:

    this is really cool way to learn!

  15. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Weee…thanks Ann, I have managed, with much help, to gain an understanding of particle scripts and was just moving onto to “movement” when I found this site.. Thank you thank you thank you this goes a loooong way to making it clear in my mind what certain things do.
    Ta muchly

  16. Congrats Ann! And greetings from germany – what a perfect help for scripting-beginners like me… will tell all my friends! Kisses from Beatrice!

  17. Nuschi says:

    thank you!
    just added the site to our link-list!

    maybe you could add a script that allows to seat eight persons in a moving bus? 4 is the max. so far…

  18. Abba Thiebaud says:

    Problem ID’d in your prefab scripting.


    Click “Say something in chat” (wootadonga)
    Type in saying in box.
    Click say it normally.
    Click “When someone says something” (bleepys)
    Click Public chat.
    Type in specific saying in box.


    // This script was auto-generated by Ann Enigma’s script autogenerator
    // available at


    state_entry() {
    llListen(0,””, NULL_KEY, “”);

    listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) {
    if (message == “bleepys”) {

    // speak out loud!



    Thereby (not tested) creating an endless loop, perhaps?

  19. Hilary says:

    Abba, thanks for the comment — that one goes under “user error”.

    This program helps people write programs… it doesn’t keep them from writing stupid ones. :-)

  20. Amanda Ascot says:

    *chuckles* Nice catch, Abba. I’m going to have to test that one, but I think it might not actually create an endless loop. While the program is spitting out the chat I don’t think it’s simultaneously listening for it, so once it gets back to listening the chat has already happened. Now, put two of them side by side and all bets are off. It will be an interesting experiment, though.

    Very cool program, Hilary, and I’m with Torley on this one. It’s hard to believe nobody has done it before. A few suggestions:

    “Say something in chat” should give the option of using a channel other than public chat.
    “Change the object’s color” should give the option of using RGB values, or at least give additional colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow come to mind).
    “Create hovering text” should have the same color options as “Change the object’s color”.

  21. sa says:


    GO ON!

  22. Naomi Talon says:

    Tnx, it’s a great tool.

  23. This is GREAT! Thanks a bunch!

  24. life says:

    good stuff! i have put it in the toolbar for sl!

  25. Chris says:

    This is a great job ! As a scripting teacher I recommanded it to my beginners. Unfortunately many of them don’t understand English, or not well. Would there be an opportunity to collaborate in order to translate the page for some european users ? I’d be very happy to volunteer to translate it to French. If you’d possibly agree this, please feel free to mail me. Thanks anyway for this very useful tool !

  26. Jenni says:

    Thank you – this little tool is a great help!

  27. Jahaya says:

    Thanks a lot Hilary, this is a very helpfull tool.
    I wonder if you could add a script that generates a dialog menu.
    Thanks a bunch.

  28. WiLLuMPJuH Gausman says:

    Thank you, professor. Very comprehensive and most useful to the beginning scripter as i am. Much obliged. Exactly what I needed.

  29. David121 Finsbury says:

    Any chance of adding to the rez object that it deletes that object from in world after set time?

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  31. I’ve just stumbled across this script-generator, and thought that it was such a neat and useful idea that I couldn’t resist doing a brief blog about it.

    Forgive the questionable title… :)

  32. Blue Linden says:

    Some people assume that all Lindens can script but I was proof to the contrary…

    …until now ;)

  33. Wow, this is actually pretty cool and great for those people looking to make a quick script! Nice!

  34. […] Life scripting tool is the cat’s pajamas for newbies or those with no programming experience. Hilary Mason aka Ann Enigma coded this tool to make simple scripts for those who have no programming experience. It’s simple, intuitive, […]

  35. sarah says:

    hey i really appreciate this i cant script at all lol i have to use someone elses scripts to script and this really helps ur truly a good person to share this information and thanks for it if you want to comment me back plz im saraheve burger and tell me what i said and then ill know its not some wierdoh lol ^^ k buhbye

  36. Excellent idea! I was just in the process of creating an automatic script generator in-world when I came across your site. I would love to incorporate your tool if possible (giving you full credit of course). Drop me an email or IM to ‘Far Link’ located on Architecture Island. Also check out my blog at as I will be posting about your site soon. Thanks again!

  37. Arwenna Stardust says:

    Awesome Hilary – thank you!

  38. Corcosman Voom says:

    I ran across your website at the ITC library last night. This is great. I used it to make a ‘URL link on Touch’ script right away. As a neophyte, it helps to see what a good script looks like.

    I’ve already passed the website on to a friend. Thank you very much for the effort you put into this.

  39. Brigitte Kungler says:

    thanks for the autoscript!!!
    it is very helpful to learn how scripts work!

  40. Fantastic! And I love it’s in French too.

    Gonna link it on my blog…

  41. Dale Innis says:

    oooo, so cool! Even if it might cut in to my trivial-script tip-stream lol.

    I notice that if I make a script to do something when someone says “foo” in chat, it does a listen with a null last argument, and then tests for “foo”. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to has the last argument to the llListen be “foo”, and then not bother testing in the listen() event?

  42. Transparent Banshee says:

    awesome! thank you! extremely neat!


  43. Qwertyuiop Oe says:

    This is excellent. The Thinkerer says script modding is great to learn – this tool gives a great starting place for a modder-learner. How very cool this is. Thanks so much for doing this.

  44. Archironus says:

    Heh, great work. :D The one thing i think it needs adding is when an avatar sits on the object and some things to set physical or phantom Otherwise its great! keep up the good work.

  45. LIONEL says:

    IM FRENCH !!!

    thank you very much ( merci :)

  46. i still love this lil script maker…ann i wish you would expand on it more, though i dont have specifics.

  47. Hi , just a quick thank you to you for this simple to use tool , just a suggestion on the colour changer , there is no scope that I can see for random colours on click , mebe that could be incorporated easily ?? , however , keep up the good work , =))

  48. garvie garzo says:

    this is enormously useful.. if you ever figure out a way to use this for more complicted script combinations, while charging lindens or paypal for it, IM me immediately and i will do my best to make you rich.

  49. thaumata says:

    what a great tool, and something i’ve been nagging people to write for a long time. thank you so much!

  50. Martijn Notredame says:


    did anyone know how to make a script to increase an object when you touch it.


  51. Ruby Hanriot says:

    should expand the site
    to what do you want object to do :
    move /rotate/move in a position etc
    what else do you want object to do?
    when and how do you want object to do this?
    thanks great now for simple scripts.

  52. john says:

    none of the script i try seem to do anything, i know nothing about scripts so i can explain why

  53. Genevieve says:

    This thing is totally amazing. It’s really helped me get use to scripting!

  54. Kitsune says:

    Maybe you could add something that causes damage? Like a sword or a gun script option?
    ‘Cause damage to another avatar’
    I’ve found it’s impossible to find a sword script if you’re new to SL.

  55. cabrobst Hubble says:

    I have myself created a script that will slowly move a ‘ghost’ from one place to another. I need to add a condition where it will reset if a limit is reached. If anyone knows how, IM me in world. Thank you.

  56. Thordain Curtis says:

    Neat idea. Played around with it for a few seconds and I’m sure many residents will find it useful. You might want to modify the rez object code so that it works properly with rotated objects. For instance, “rez 0.5 right” pops out ‘llGetPos()+’ for the object position, but it should be ‘llGetPos() + ( * llGetRot())’

  57. Jon Daikon says:

    There is an error with making an object follow an avatar around. The declared setup() function is never put into any event.

  58. AngelDel says:

    I loved your brilliant tool, ideas like yours make our SLs easier every day, THANK YOU. Also, as a Spanish native speaker and qualified translator, it’d be a pleasure for me to to add one more language to your web-based script generator if you want (unless someone is doing it already, of course ;-) Always happy to contribute to great iniciatives!

  59. james monroe says:

    would love to see more also a loop script

  60. Sunshinebabe Villota says:

    the following text does not make sense in German:
    Wenn Sie das Skript Generator, bitte zu spenden, um die Rechnung für Hosting dieser Website:
    Because it is an important message :), i give you a better text as follows:
    Wenn Ihnen der Script-Generator gefallen hat, würde ich mich über eine Spende zur Bezahlung der Kosten für das Hosting dieser website freuen. Danke!

  61. Ener Hax says:

    Thank you Ann Enigma for such a wonderful tool! It will help me a lot and it serves as a great way to introduce others to scripting.

    You are quite a wonderful person to make this for everyone and host it. Thank you so very much. :)

  62. Bofon says:

    C’est génial ! on en demande encore plus ! silvousplait :)

  63. Three urrah for the good simple things for the simple minds. Urrah!!!! Urrah!!! Urrah!!! Go on. That’s the way!

  64. Arylis says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You have done EXACTLY what I have been begging for for so long! Finally I can just say “Why can’t I just click something to MAKE a door open?!” and here it is!

    I’ve *always* been intimidated by the scripting, but I’m positive this will help me warm up to the scary language that is LSL.

    I could *never* thank you enough!

  65. Lee Jenkinson says:

    This is a great way to learn scripting! Thanks a million for an easier more organic way to learn this stuff, I hope this gets out to everyone who has any interest in creating things in Second Life.

  66. electro says:

    I love it, Its very similar to a tool I learnt to script from =). A time saver too, for the lazy among us ;) ..

  67. Thank you so much! I cannot even tell you how helpful this has been to me. As a total newbie with *BIG* dreams of establishing a really sharp SL presence for my nonprofit organization, this has been an invaluable resource to me. I am learning a lot from your autoscripter, but even more importantly, it has freed me up to CREATE right now without a super steep learning curve. Words fail how much I appreciate you.

  68. Mylinn says:

    What an excellent resource! I am slowly learning scripting via the tinker with one setting in pre-existing script method. Slow but I retain it more than in the formal class routine.
    I just sat and played with the generator – comparing how starting with touch then chat public and chat private changed a script. Amazing!!
    Could you add a touch ‘end’ to the scripting somehow? Or a generic make this stop (without a timer) and reset itself command?

  69. Planvo Parx says:

    Hello i am a scripter just saw this in world URL so i had i look and it look’s good

  70. Siri Dufaux says:

    I have seen a video from torley about scripting he give a site but I can not go there. Please tell me how i can go no the sit i like to learn scripting.

    Thanks and greetings Siri
    from the Netherlands :-)))

  71. admin says:

    Hi Siri,

    The correct link is:


  72. Linnrenate says:

    hello Hilary,

    How about adding the function to make a object transparent (under the section “What do you want your scripted object to do?”, i have been waiting for this a long while now but just this website today.

  73. Kita Coage says:

    Thank you! This makes learning so fun and motivating c”,)

  74. Satonia Seriman says:

    Torley lindens wonderful tuts brought me towards your website, and it is the best thing i have EVER USED :D please add more FUNKY scripts, i cant script one bit and its very useful to have this option. -Satonia Seriman, The crazy biish.

  75. SeaWindSorcerer says:

    I need a LSL script that when i make a sign,i would be able to type right on the sign,
    i dont want a floating text at all….
    If someone can please help me i would appreciate the help,
    i am very new to Second Life.
    email me at

    From SeaWindSorcerer
    Second Life

  76. Ja Sporg says:

    This is a really helpful tool for those of us who don’t know scripting. Thank you for offering this. I tried the “generate a sound” when the avatar touches the object and got it to work right away. Since we can only upload 10 sec files, is there any way the script could play more than one wav file at a time?

  77. HotRodJohnny Gears says:

    I want to change textures on a sign to make letters flash by alternating textures. This only loads one texture and does not allow a second texture to load.

  78. umm in the note card giving to nearby avatar script i cant figure out where put the the name of the card… srry im noob

  79. Peter (SL NAME Cerrunos Magic) says:

    On the door option it isnt rotating the right way for me.

  80. Gothix Nacht says:

    The Doorscript generated with autoscript should be written without phrase “* llGetRot()” because with this the doors sometimes do not move correctly to the correct target-rotation when someone starts the action several times in a short period of time.
    Secondly the “Move like a door” – script should not only rotate but also move aside…

  81. Hello, very very useful generator. I’m involved in the sound aspects : could it be possible to have a generation for the following sound aspects ? :
    a script for collided sound (not touched)
    a script for a random readed sound list
    a script for an alternate reading of a sound list ?

    very kind regards

  82. This is great, especially to make discover the power or virtual worlds to newbies.

    Great contribution : thank you a lot from France.

    Hugobiwan Zolnir

  83. ED539424 says:

    I tried using the move script, and set it to follow me when clicked, but it doesn’t work/ can you please help?

  84. trainingday trimble says:


    Want to thank your so much for providing autoscript, i viewed the torley video , great idea..


  85. trainingday trimble says:

    I guess it is called Scriiptme now…. :) ty

  86. Duke Miami says:

    Thank you.
    Please make more options.
    It opened a whole new world to me.

  87. bob says:

    I really found this site very helpful. I think it would be cool if you added other scripts. Such as projectiles, vehicles, pushes, pulls, nulls, and so forth.

  88. GB says:

    can I buy this Script Generator..? that would be very nice.. smiles

  89. Maslo Bade says:

    Hello Ann, I am very please that someone took the time to create such a site. You should be commended for your efforts. I have a question about rotation. I want to make a child prim rotate very smoothly in a physical state. It will move from 0 to 90 degrees while the root prim is in motion. if you have any thoughts on this I am all ears. Thank you again for your hard work.

  90. flew says:

    very nice idea to create a script genrator. this will be helpful for new residents.

  91. Phoenix Hochberg says:

    Needs more options, good idea, though ^^

  92. Vinnie Saletto says:

    Thank you. This made my work much easier.

  93. Leba lusch says:

    It would be nice if you released a lsl version of your script generator. so we could have a box in world that does the same thing. or so we could use the script in gadgets we make as well.

    ill beg if needed lol

  94. Chris says:

    The rez scipt on touch settings don’t work :( They worked before but has a bug in it now I think… Please fix it.

  95. TRiPPY says:

    Thank you SO much for this resource! :D It’s helped me a lot.

  96. Punky says:

    Hi, I think there is an error in your wondeful script generator.

    for Rez onbject on a typed command this line is generated:

    llRezObject(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,0), llGetPos()+,ZERO_VECTOR,ZERO_ROTATION,0);

    However the “+” following 11GetPos() yields a syntax error, when deleted it works.

    Thanks for the system, its very helpfull for learning.

  97. Jan says:

    i need a givemoney script…

  98. Kenny says:

    This is a Awesome little tool you have here..:))

    Thank you for making it, You Rock!

  99. Bry Baxton says:

    I have a suggestion for autogeneration of texture change script. If the avatar has to be inside the room to change the texture. IE can not cam into the room to click on the window to open, and can not click on the out side of the window to change texture.

  100. jeremy grove says:

    Any thoughts on adding a script for recieving an object such as a notecard for use in scripting suggestion boxes? I am just learning to script, and the first ghint I am working on is a suggestion box script to first give the notecard to the avatar, but it needs to then accept the notecard back and store it so we can receive suggestions.

  101. nana says:

    great job ¡¡¡ :D
    i’d like to give my idea…it would be cool if u add more options , so ppl could create things like a Hud or something more difficult.
    it’s great how it is but if it had more optiones really u’d help so much ppl :p

  102. 2 syntax errors for creating text when an object is nearby

  103. Trishy says:

    I am coming up with an error message while using the sound script. I have the sound set in the contents, can copied the whole script into a new one, but SL is telling me that there is a syntax error in Line 9, column8, at: llPlaySound(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND,0),1);
    Can you help me get this figured out?

  104. cali says:

    when scripting a sound how do you put the sound up cuz some sounds are hard to hear, is there a volume in the script? let me know, and also what would be kool is making more choices 4 autoscript like alot and and be able to carry it in your inventory 4 your av plp would learn alot more about scrpting with more choices of scripts and to have 4 your av ;)

  105. 12John37 says:

    This is awesome! I don’t think I could ever script and now I don’t have to! Thanks a LOT!!!!

  106. Artsy Nirvana says:

    I love this script maker I have no clue about scripts and this is so helping me. anyway how do I make a script to add avatars to a group?

  107. chad says:

    yea i have been useing scripts from for a wile now and i have never had a prob. till now :( i am trying to get an object that i made to move with your avatar and the script i got from your site didnt work i have maby i am doing something worng can someone help me this email i put in i dont use it but if someone has an acc. on SL my name on SL is Lestat Wickentower if someone can im me there that would rock TY

  108. Domenico says:


  109. Kurt Hopkins says:

    Hi, great site :) but I’m having a weird problem… after I generate a script and try to copy it to my clipboard I get nothing ???
    copy/paste works fine for my other applications but it wont copy the text from the script box in your generator… weird

  110. Jergon says:

    I was going to use this generator and Sl always reports syntax errors – and if now and then not reports, the script is NOT FUNCTIONAL, anyway. LEARN YOURSELF SCRIPT BEFORE ADVISING OTHERS, YOU STUPID IDIOT!!!!!!!!!! :-((((((((((

  111. Hilary Mason says:

    Hello Jergon,

    The script generator was a three hour project I did one afternoon over two and a half years ago. I initially designed it for my own students, but made it available because people seemed to find it useful. *I do not support it or offer any warranty*. It’s free.

    As far as I know, there is one current bug in the following script. The others have been working just fine for a couple of years, provided you use them correctly.


  112. Boost says:

    This is a fantastic service, thanks for your time & effort.

  113. kerugan says:

    Now, if only you had one for Open Sim…smiles.

  114. Leba Lusch says:

    Jergon check the comments on this page i think your find your the only idiout thats not managed to get it to work in SL lol
    may i surgest you make about 10 difrent ones form this site in the end your see a patern forming of how they are writen and you can start scripting yourself, as these ones on here are quite basic. But i will add where it all started making sense for me once again Hillary thank you for taking the time to build it.

  115. Mimi Pinkdot says:

    Hi there! Great work, it is trully appreciated xoxo

    Does the generator make it possible to animate avatars when you sit on the object? Im trying to create a pose ball and I can’t figure out which option to choose….


  116. Hello!
    I am on Teen Second Life (and Learned quickly as I have only been on for a little over a week and I already built myself a house and spend most of my time helping newbies learn how to play) and I was wondering if you could add an option to have an object llOwnersay rather than shout or chat because I now work in a hotel and tried to create a sensor with which I could be notified when someone enters and it just shouts “Somebody is at the door” when I want it to say to me, or even IM me, who is entering the door.

  117. oh, and I also have a question about a transmitter/receiver pair of scripts to have them ownersay rather than settext.

  118. oh and hey Jergon! You’re using the scripts wrong if they aren’t working, cause all of them work for me! Do you know how to script yourself at all to use a script? you have to have at least a working knowledge before you can take advantage of free scripts and complain about them.

  119. and maybe suggestion boxes and online detector script.

  120. rhov says:

    This is a gr8 applicaion. I have a question though if you could help me though.

    I am trying to write a script that would change the color of the floating text above the object to something other than white, but i would like to change the color back to white after a few seconds or so if no ones using that object. I i have tried a few things but cant seem to find the right combination. I am primarily using 4 colors : red, green, yellow, black

    Any help would be appreciated. Again ty for the script generator!!! cheers

  121. just have to say , don’t listen to any negative comments, this is awesome, your awesome , tyvm, haven’t found anything else anywhere as simple and easy and always gives perfect script if u know what ur doing even a little bit – absolute must to not remake the wheel every time you write a new script – for prim to prim, (the discussion b4 the person that called the kettle black) a very useful method, is checking if what is speaking has the same owner as the recieving prim or if its attached to the same owner, fast easy security and can still use custom channels to not clutter local chat

  122. Tweed Woodget says:

    This is great! Thank you so much for making it easier to make stuff!!!

  123. Tweed Woodget says:

    And by the way, Jergon you are a moron with anger issues, I used the script I asked for and it worked perfectly first time. I also took the time to read the other comments and you are the only one to have problems, so I think the stupid idiot is looking back a t you in the mirror. I think you need to grow up.

  124. Luna says:

    Hello first of all thanks :D
    Then I got an error while trying to:
    1 – Give something to an avatar
    2- I would like to give a : notecard
    3- As soon as the scripts start

    I got this message:
    Wait! You have asked for a script beyond the capabilities of this system. Please try again.


  125. Hilary Mason says:

    Hi Luna,

    That’s not an error. It’s been a while since I looked at the code, but I believe the script generator can’t give an object to an avatar on start because there’s no way to tell if an avatar will be present or which avatar to give it to, and the script generator doesn’t handle conditionals or error conditions.

    This kind of script should probably trigger on a touch event. :)

  126. Luna says:

    ah ok thanks a lot :D

  127. Sis says:

    I love you!

  128. Thank you for this auto script programe, it will help me learn scripting in a hands on fassion. I can now add acctions to my SL builds, anain thank you and well done…

  129. Sumire Cyberstar says:

    Thanks for the autoscripting capability, which helped me to get started. I was just born in Oct, 2009.
    Could you check to see if this is a bug?
    First, I selected for the scripted object to “Say Something in Chat” and specified for it to say “Welcome!”
    Then I selected “When someone say something” and specified channel 3 to listen to the catch phrase “chat”. Well, here’s what I got:
    state_entry() {
    llListen(3,””, NULL_KEY, “”);
    listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) {
    if (message == “talk”) {
    // speak out loud!

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  130. Sophie Draegonne says:

    I love this site. I actually used it as a tool to learn how to write scripts myself. Hee. Can you add a menu/dialog box option to the list? Just wondering. Thanks for taking the time to make this site!! :D

  131. Jenna Vichan says:

    can you make option for all inventory drop.

    because i would like to have the detectedkey drop inventory notecards into mailbox but only allow notecards nothing else

    that would be a big help.

    thanks for the scripting assist btw..

  132. Scott Zuzu says:

    I believe the scripting tool has a bug:
    When “Say something in chat” and “When someone says something” are chosen, the script places the text entered into “When someone says something” into both variables.

    I.e. If I want CHAT to say “Hello! I am an auto voice” when someone says “Hello Dude.”, the script places “Hello Dude” as both the prompting text AND the response CHAT entry.

    If I am mistaken, please let me know.

  133. eukonidor Draegonne says:

    Thank you very much for this tool, it will most certainly help in learning how to script in LSL

  134. Hi Hilary Mason

    Just a little Thanks-note here!

    After secondlife the best i’ve seen : it’s a verry helpfull , and easy to use tool.

    Thanks fot this, Mistsy

  135. btw (can’t leave this unnoticed) Jergon wrote :

    : Jergon { 08.25.09 at 12:41 am }

    I was going to use this generator and Sl always reports syntax errors – and if now and then not reports, the script is NOT FUNCTIONAL, anyway. LEARN YOURSELF SCRIPT BEFORE ADVISING OTHERS, YOU STUPID IDIOT!!!!!!!!!! :-( (((((((((

    Lol Dude you know how much YOU could be doing wrong ,scrpits are highly sensitve to error YOU proberly are making.
    don’t give people names ,if you got no clue what you are talking about.

    this project is Ace!!!thanks again Hilary Mason for this Awsesome project ,Mistsy

  136. Ladybird says:

    Hi there and thanks a whole lot for this, I don’t know what the heck I am doing but wanted to loop a wav file, which your site did perfectly for me, thank you!

    One teensy thing though, how do I make the damn thing stop? :(

    Or how do I tell it to just play it 10 times or whatever?

    Thanks again!

  137. Xedina Fairlady says:

    OMG! you do not know how thankful i am for this site. i went through xstreet looking for a notecard/landmark giver with no luck. so i look up for auto givers and came upon your site and using the generator i now have the two scripts i need for my greeters!

    TY again!

  138. Linda Latte says:

    your page is the MOST useful I’ve ever found for SL. I’ve used it for years. I have a Girltown Group with about 1350 girls, and I pass it along to them. :)

  139. katherine bayard says:

    hi there
    thanks heaps for this page, its really useful. i was just wondering if there is any way of making the object automatically return to its original position after it has moved around?

  140. Tezka says:

    Can you do a script format for changing Transparency?

  141. Deano72 says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but if it works, what a wonderful gift from Hillary! Thank you!

  142. It is amazing! Thank you so much, it has been so useful in learning to script and the scripts are so clean and easy! Thank you Hilary!

  143. This is an awesome tool! I’ve used it numerous times not only to generate scripts for projects, but also to understand the syntax of the script functions so I can modify existing scripts. As an aircraft builder, operator of an in-world radio station, owner of a floating airbase, and resident of SL over two years, this tool is STILL awesomely useful to me. So it’s not just for newbies! Thanks again and keep up the great work!


  144. Giuseppe Naopolitana says:

    Thank you very much for your helpful tool.
    It is a great thing because i just started.
    Good there are people like you.

  145. Binkskams says:

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    Voulez-vous gagner des objets facilement ?

    Le site web est un un site web super qui vous permet de gagner de fabuleux cadeaux sans investir beaucoup!

    Venez participer sur: [url=]bidou[/url]

  146. Knives Hartle says:

    I tried adding a sound to the option of when a person comes near play a sound but I cant figure out where the sound should be added.

  147. Flash says:

    i have absolutely no idea how to get the script to actually rezz the thing i want it to. ?_?

  148. Spike Electricteeth says:

    Hi! Your script is WONDERFUL!
    I just have one question, how do I rotate an object? I tried just moving it but it moves back.

    But I figure one of those coords in the script must be a rotation, if I could just figure out which one, it seems like i should be able to just change it to the value I want, right?


  149. Phoebe Fraenkel says:

    I miss particle scipts? I need to build a fountain with water.
    Thats maybe a suggestion?

  150. Joe says:

    I have the same problem as the other user:

    I tried adding a sound to the option of when a person comes near play a sound but I cant figure out where the sound should be added.

    Perhaps, a few examples would be better than this autoscript

  151. Nelgeo Swashbuckler says:

    Hi! I love the tool and have used it to make some stuff. Very helpful to someone like me with no programming know how. Quick suggestion though- maybe add an option to make a script to run an animation. Thanks.

  152. Airy Miles says:

    Thanks very much! You provided just the little script I needed – good as I dont code.

  153. theDoughnut says:

    Its very good. But it needs a rotation scriot

  154. TheDoughnut says:


  155. Damien666omen says:

    thank u for ur site ,has helped me emensly ,thumbs up to u :))))))))))))))))))))))

  156. XSpidey Defiant says:

    is there any way you could like host or give the code so someone can host it and make into a inworld tool whould be great and very useful as a beginner helper/ teacher

  157. Jaycee_wylde says:

    I can not seem to get this one to work right.

    key id;
    setup() {
         llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE);
        id = llGetOwner();


        state_entry() {
            llSensorRepeat(“”, NULL_KEY, AGENT, 5, PI, 5);
        sensor(integer total_number) {



  158. OlWolf says:

    Tried the Texture Change script-engine, but the line with the texture name also says “all sides” – what if I only want the change on one side of the prim?

  159. chuctanunda says:

    Hi, Hilary, I just discovered your great little scripting tool. I am just learning SL scripting language, and this helps me take a hands on approach and learn to read scripts. I know it was intended to help people get the scripts they need without knowing code, but I see it as a good learning tool for learning scripting. 
    It’s a really great tool, thanks. FYI I came across your scripter at 
    Seminole County Public Schools EduPLACE, Eduisland 5 – General

  160. Mstr Balbozar says:

    very nice tool Hilary. love it!

    one suggestion. how about also add the options selected on the first screen as part of the comment in the generated code.

    further expanding on that, how about declaring meaningful sounding variable for things such as ‘distanceInMeter’, ‘listeningChannelNum’, etc

    again, the idea being that for a non-technical person, if they generate multiple pieces of code, these additional comment would help them track/remember which code does what. also, with variables, they might be able to change simple things such as distance (from 1 meter to 4 meter, say) without needing to regenerating the code via your tool.

    again, this tool is awesome and extremely helpful. above suggestions is to help improve it a bit further.

  161. Very usefull tool! thank you very much!

  162. I was wondering if there is a script that can make a prim glow when 2 avatars are around and certain avatars like nc driven

  163. Fox Onizuka says:

    Too simplistic, and not enough variables to achieve anything worth-while.

  164. Micklilly12 says:

    was not what i wanted.  Looking for a script to open a card.

  165. Tourma says:

    As a novice/self-teaching scripter, I’d spent a few hours puzzling how to make a message alert for local chat if someone says my name while I’m on Busy. This created exactly what I needed in seconds!  My only criticism is that it made it too easy for me and I didn’t make myself learn how to do it lol.  Thanks!

  166. Kaze says:

    OMG i know nothing about scripts and this helped so much, thank you for making this. its great for the little things i want to do

  167. Blueswinger9 says:

    // This script was auto-generated by Ann Enigma’s script autogenerator// available at

     state_entry() {  llSensorRepeat(“”, NULL_KEY, AGENT, , PI, 5); } sensor(integer total_number) {
      // speak out loud!  llWhisper(0,”Hewo :) my name is mary and im da cutest ting awive :)”);

    i have two words about this script. . . . .: DIDNT WORK

  168. Sfraser says:

    thank you!

  169. Anonymous says:



    // This script was auto-generated by Ann Enigma’s script autogenerator// available at Note: After you copy this script into your creation, you will also need to copy the item to give into the objectdefault{ state_entry() { llSensorRepeat(“”, NULL_KEY, AGENT, .5, PI, 5); } sensor(integer total_number) { // This line will pick out the first thing of the right type and give it to whomever triggered the event llGiveInventory(llDetectedKey(0),llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_LANDMARK,0)); }}

    i did what i was supposed to and no landmark was given

    no error or anything, even after reset and recompile

  170. Me says:

    Just wondering if anyone is still using this?  Are you going to add anything to it?
    Just curious..

  171. Ggreer33 says:

    I have tried 6 or 7 times and I can’t get script for the texture to change to work. Followed the instructions each time – just trying to get one texture to change to another every second.

  172. RikBair23 says:

    How do I change the rez script to rez the object right side up?  Right now when you touch the object the rezzed object is appearing upside down.

  173. Jolynn Yates says:

    I think they have changed the way they write scripts at Second Life because when I use your autoscript this last few weeks it has not worked at all for me. October 21, 2012 our college class was attempting to use it and it would not work properly. So our Professor had to give us his script that he had written himself for our assignment. Perhaps you need to update the website script writer. 

  174. Isis Coy says:

    hello omg i do love your site i have a question i am looking to make the bed spread pull back and i cant find a script anywhere  can u hlep me please or give me some advice i am a new creator 

  175. Earnest says:

    Thanks!  I wanted to make a box hand out a notecard and I had no idea of how.  Your script generator saved me!

  176. Lars says:

    HI..  don’t know what went wrong, but the following code sequence is defined as “Type mismatch” in SL:
    // This script was auto-generated by Ann Enigma’s script autogenerator
    // available at


        state_entry() {
        timer() {



  177. Governor Linden (not) says:

    Thank you!. I find it very handy an give the link to others that are learning scripting.

  178. Spiral Storm says:

    Hello. I tried using the script generator to make a script play a sound repeatedly in Second Life every 30 seconds but the script keeps playing the sound constantly! Gah! How do I go about fixing this?

  179. Drawde says:

    I have several objects in the host prim. I need a menu to come up so the user can select.

  180. in2udeep luv says:

    APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE. nuff said!! ( marriage proposal awaits you Hillery) winks.. :)

  181. Tiffany Hartwell says:

    Can you make the hovering text bigger? how would I do that?

  182. Bar Dunne says:

    I need a script that you can set a price for a random item inside of it. For example:
    pay 99L for a random item. It will dispense one item when payment is made. Thanks so much.

  183. BlackHeaven1983 says:

    I applaud your project, and can see how it would be beneficial to some as it is, but also feel like you could take it much further. Currently there’s no way to do multiple things. ..for example, If I’m making a lightbulb, and upon clicking the lightbulb, I want it to change the glow AND add light AND swap the texture.. Glow and Light aren’t even options with your auto scripter, and therefore I would love to see you take the script further.

    You’re 100% right that scripters have the ability to make better work environments and optimize procedure, and your concept has alot of fruit to bear! The LSL scripting language is currently being used by a few different online worlds similar to SL…Primarily because SL is so big that it’s created a standard…My point is that your script can be used for more than secondlife and if you advance it further, then you could design a free website that has banner ads and makes you some profit, while at the same time helping the community.

    Anyways, I’ve rambled enough…I just love the concept and would like to see it taken to the next level. I would even be interested in helping. Thumbs up on your work! Feel free to contact me inworld if you want help or ideas.

    Nikola Black

  184. Kenzel Greymoon says:

    Hi I’m having an issue with the http script. Does it need to include https://www. in order for it to work? I am totally blonde at this stuff. Please Help!

    • Ralph Mickey says:

      I haven’t used it in a while but I believe it does. Try copy and pasting the link that you want in there from the address bar ( the line on top of your browser where the http://www is. if it doesn’t work at first – try using Google .com to get it to work, then stick yours in there.

  185. Amada Helendale says:

    if this did not exist I would not be builder in SL years ago that I use it for my creations. It is the best tool I’ve found to do my simple scripts. So I want to thank you for your work and continue to maintain the active site. Kisses!

  186. Leo says:

    Any one knows how to do a script to open a web page in any browser??

  187. Becky says:

    Hi! I would like to make my prim phusical when my avatar touch it. Do you have any good script please;Thx!