An Introduction to Machine Learning with Web Data is now available!

I’m really excited that An Introduction to Machine Learning with Web Data is now available for purchase!

This is a 2 hour and 43 minute instructional video that walks you through basic machine learning algorithms, first theoretically and mathematically, and then with Python example code (which is available here).

This video is an instructional take and builds on the material I covered in my Strange Loop 2010 keynote Machine Learning: A Love Story and the Data Bootcamp I did with Joe Adler, Drew Conway, and Jake Hofman at the Strata Conference in February.

I’d also like to acknowledge the many collaborators, colleagues, and friends who have made definite contributions to my thinking about this material and how best to present it, particularly Chris Wiggins who co-authored A Taxonomy of Data Science and Andrew, Dennis, Jan, Jesse, and Julie, the members of the studio audience for the class (who were amazing).

If you like it, please leave it a good review! As always, questions and comments are welcome here or by e-mail.

  • chris nizzardini

    I may buy this simply because I think thats my dog on the cover.

  • cdr

    When professors from universities such as stanford are offering entire courses of machine learning and artificial intelligence for free, what makes you think people will buy this three hour video?