Devs Love Bacon: Everything you need to know about Machine Learning in 30 minutes or less

I spoke at devs love bacon back in April on Everything You Need to know about Machine Learning in 30 Minutes or Less. The talk is geared toward engineers with no prior knowledge of machine learning, and it’s designed to lay out the basic vocabulary and way that we think about the world to provide an amusing foundation so that attendees will have a head start in investigating which techniques they might want to learn more about or implement. This talk is not an in-depth tutorial.

Hilary Mason – Machine Learning for Hackers from BACON: things developers love on Vimeo.

  • Momoko Price

    “(Until the embed permissions are sorted you can view the talk here.)”

    Link not found? 

    Eager to see it! Sounds great :)

  • Stephyn Butcher

    I think this is the link:

  • Mohammed Asif

    Nice session, i think machine learning is cool.

  • Ted Hayes

    Thank you so much for the sentiment that “math is hard” is bullshit.  I couldn’t agree more, and I frequently encounter this attitude among people who don’t realize they’re already doing it.

  • Anonymous

    your asking the wrong questions!

    • spellchecker

      I think you mean ‘Yer askin’ the rong questions’

    • Whatever

      your asking the wrong questions is bothering me!

    • Hilary Mason

      I work in python. Some people use R, but generally for smaller datasets.

      • Eleonora Ivanova

        What about Octave or Matlab?

        • Hilary Mason

          Those tools don’t scale effectively to large datasets.

  • chrisco

    Ugh, another presenter trying to use that same style from that same book about how to give “great” presentations.

    • David Kidd

       What book?

      Also, the presenter has a name. Have some respect mate.

      • hi

        ya what book

  • Sebastiaan Moeys

    The Google Translate API is still there, they charge for it now.

  • BinaryLogik

    This is a pretty sad presentation which lacks any information capable of generating a strong interest in any particular direction. At least she was nice to look at.

    • Mark

      Any need for that?

  • Luke

    For great series on machine learning, check out mathematicalmonk’s playlist on youtube:

    • Eleonora Ivanova

      Thank you! Great lectures! I’ll watch them!

  • Anoop Thomas Mathew

     @27:00 – you are absolutely right; we needn’t opt for machine learning all the time. There might be better hacks if we look closely

  • Ariel

    Thank you for yet another clear explanation of the relevance of machine learning.

  • Andreas Fuchs

    That was a great talk. Entertaining & educational. Thanks for sharing (-:

    (Unrelatedly, wow, do you get shitty discouraging blog comments. Please never listen to these jerks.)

  • Max

    Wonderful speak! Few semesters of machine learning explained in 30 minutes! Thank you!

  • zubinmehta

    I could not find the link to the collaborative filtering video you suggested. Can you share the link? Thank you.

  • Paul Bohm

    I really like this kind of talk. Anyone can learn facts, but what I like to learn from talks is why something is exciting.

    You’ve done a marvelous job sharing your excitement for data science! Thank you!

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  • Alex

    This was a great video!!

  • Michael McDermott

    That was an excellent introduction.  Thanks for sharing.

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  • olifante

    The image with the taiwanese corn dogs was really inappropriate.

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