Lucene Revolution Keynote: Search is Not a Solved Problem

The wonderful folks at LucidWorks have posted the video of my recent Lucene Revolution keynote.

The brief idea behind this talk is that search is not a solved problem — there is still a big opportunity for building search (and finding?) capabilities for the kinds of questions that the current product fail to solve. For example, why do search engines just return a list of sorted URLs, but give me no information about the themes that are consistent across them?

The audience was technical, specifically Lucene and Solr devs, so I spent some time talking about how we use those technologies at bitly.

3 Comments on “Lucene Revolution Keynote: Search is Not a Solved Problem”

  1. Surajit Patnaik says:


  2. Osher Yadgar says:

    Great presentation! I see wide agreement that browsing and
    search experience hasn’t changed much and that we are standing on the verge of a
    big phase transition. While the cost of resources (cpu, but also, memory,
    storage, communication and more) dropped exponentially the availability because
    of that and because of technological advances (mobility, connectivity,
    algorithms, etc.) grow exponentially. Today it is easier than ever to take your
    idea and translate it into a cool application. Even for a kitten.

    I believe that the promise coming with the beginning of the
    realization of Internet of Things (unimaginable stream of real-time data) will boost
    user expectation to a much more personalized value and will push us pass the
    barrier if we will not do so before.

  3. John Yetter says:

    Wonderful presentation! Can I come work with you? :)