Firefox Extension: Open Tab Count 1.0

Screenshot of the open tab count extension

Open tab count extension in the status bar

How many tabs do you have open in your browser right now?

Did you have to count manually? Are you using Firefox? Try the open tab count extension!

I created this extension because I wanted to explore memory management in browser tabs, and I was curious about the Firefox extension architecture. I’m not quite as eager to explore memory hacks in Firefox now that Google Chrome is out and handles that issue natively, but I’m still using this extension to monitor my tab (over)usage.

The extension puts a small icon in the status bar alongside the number of open tabs. If more than one window is open, the extension shows the number of open tabs in the current window / the total number of open tabs.

Please let me know below if you have any comments!

Update: An update has been submitted to Mozilla that supports Firefox 3.5, and it’ll show up on the it’s now available on the official extension page once it’s been approved.

14 Comments on “Firefox Extension: Open Tab Count 1.0”

  1. Twitter Comment

    @hmason’s tab count add-on for FF tells me I’m up to 54 tabs. Yesterday was 25. How does this happen? [link to post]

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  2. […] Open Tab Count – Zeigt in der Statusleiste die Zahl der aktuell geöffneten Tabs an. Für Nutzer wie mich, die eine Anzahl von Tabs im Zwei- oder Dreistelligen Bereich geöffnet haben, ein durchaus informatives Tool. […]

  3. Elias Barosen says:

    I love this ! ,, tnx <3

  4. zest says:

    very good addon ,but if addon install to much,status bar may be….perhas like tab counter

  5. Bengt says:

    How can I, or you, make OpenTabCount work with FF 3.5B4? :)

  6. Josh O says:

    Why don’t you post the new version here as well? Mozilla seems to be taking a long time to accept it (well, I don’t know when you submitted it). You seem trustworthy, I’d download it from here. I’m going to modify it myself to change the supported versions, but not everyone knows how to do that. I’m assuming that was the only change. I could use one of the other ones like it that are already updated, but I like the little icon guy! ;-)

  7. Josh O says:

    Belay that last comment, in fact the new version is available on Mozilla, you just have to know where to find it. On the page for this addon linked above, look for the “Advanced Details” section, and click the “Version 1.0″ link. Now you are in the Version history page, which includes the unverified newer version that works on 3.5. Simply check the box, and click the Add button then. For some reason, the “Latest Version” one on the very top of the page doesn’t work for me (clicking the check does nothing). But the entry at the top of the list of all versions below that does.

  8. Hilary Mason says:

    I updated the post, but you can now get the update on the official plugin site here:

  9. Charles E says:

    Thanks for your excellent addon. Could you please add a window count? tabs/total/windows
    would be nice.

  10. IE Sux Mega says:

    I have found this extension to be invaluable, however I found the dark red numerical text alongside the blue folder icon, which appears on the status bar, to be difficult to read – I had to glance at the numbers for a good second before I could clearly see the numbers. [My eyesight is good – I visited the optician only 6 months ago – my laptop resolution is ideal for the size of the screen, so I can view everything clearly]

    So I took it upon myself to improve the visual appearance of the open tabs stats.

    You can grab it from the URI below (it’s only 3 KB):

    To see what it looks like before installing, check out the image at:

    The stats displayed as “20/54″ on the left-hand side of the image are from “Open Tab Count”.

  11. velislav says:

    thanks for the extension – very usefull

  12. kalimu says:

    Could you write similar extension for Thunderbird?

  13. Rogerio says:

    Please, why did you remove this addon?? I think its awesome! Please don’t… I’m a tabaholic, and really need it! There’s no other one that tells me the count per window and total… I synced another machine and find out it wasn’t here. I’m missing it so much…

  14. Damn, I just went to link my friend the plugin, and it’s gone. I never noticed because it’s still working for me. Should bring it back, even if it’s in some ‘beta’ state.