One Random Tweet, please.

One random tweet.

One random tweet.

It’s easy to believe that other people use social networks in the same way that you do. Your friends largely do use them the same way, which gives us an even more biased perspective.

Unfortunately, most networks don’t provide a way to explore representative communications that you’re not connected to.

Well, now you can! One random tweet, please.

Update: There were some slight technical difficulties due to hitting Twitter’s oembed rate limit. They should be repaired now.

(Note: between this and I’m on a bit of a random kick lately. There’s a method to this madness!)

4 Comments on “One Random Tweet, please.”

  1. Kevink says:

    Twitter seems to no longer be responding. Keep getting “Twitter failed to respond.”

  2. Sorry! I tried the “random tweet”, and all I get is an error message: “Twitter failed to respond”.

  3. falicon says:

    yes there is a method…it’s called random.randrange() ;-)

  4. Why can’t we follow the Random Tweeter on Twitter?