The DataGotham 2013 Videos are up!

I’m happy to be able to share that the full set of videos from DataGotham 2013 are now on youtube.

The talks are a wide perspective on the interesting work happening around data in New York, and I believe you’ll enjoy all of them!

DataGotham 2013 is coming!

Registration is open for DataGotham 2013, our second annual New York data community conference, September 12th and 13th. The core of the conference is a series of brilliant data practitioners telling the stories about what they work on. The content is technically-oriented but not all deeply technical, and we really welcome anyone curious about how New York companies and institutions are pushing the boundaries on data to attend.

We have two goals for the conference. The primary goal is to connect people in the greater New York data community who are working on interesting things. If our community is strong and supportive, we will all do better work.

Our second goal is to highlight the amazing working happening here, so that people near and far will realize that New York is the best place in the world to do data science.

Come join us to hear these stories firsthand and meet fellow data-minded practitioners! Register now:

Eventbrite - DataGotham 2013

(Readers of this blog can use discount code “IheartNYC” for 10% off, and I hope to see you there!)

Help, I’m the first data scientist at my company!

I moderated a panel at DataGotham with Adam Laiacano from TumblrFred Benenson from Kickstarter, and Roberto Medri from Etsy about being the first data scientist at a company. We covered everything from what people’s job responsibilities are, the tools they use, successes, failures, how they are integrated into an organization, and how they have hired other data scientists to join them. The panelists were concise, articulate, and intelligent. Watch it below!