Twitter: A greasemonkey script to show who follows you

A couple of days ago I saw @skap5’s comment:

“Dear Twitter Is it too much to ask to add a follower marker so I can know if someone is following me and not just if I am following them?”

I think that Twitter could benefit from displaying more information on the home page, and this idea was easy enough to code up. It should save some time and make the Twitter homepage that much more useful.

twitter_showfollowers_screenshotThe script displays a tiny icon on top of the portrait of people who are following you back on your Twitter home page. It leaves your non-followers alone, though it would be easy enough to develop a version that puts silly mustaches on them.

This is only a first version, and I welcome your comments and suggestions.

If you already have Greasemonkey installed, get the script here, or install it from here as a Firefox extension thanks to the script compiler.

The icon is a free icon courtesy of famfamfam.

Updated February 5, 2009: The script has been updated to work with Twitter’s recent UI changes.

Updated March 31, 2009: The script has been updated to account for Twitter’s recent UI changes and the addition of AJAX updates.

Firefox Extension: Open Tab Count 1.0

Screenshot of the open tab count extension

Open tab count extension in the status bar

How many tabs do you have open in your browser right now?

Did you have to count manually? Are you using Firefox? Try the open tab count extension!

I created this extension because I wanted to explore memory management in browser tabs, and I was curious about the Firefox extension architecture. I’m not quite as eager to explore memory hacks in Firefox now that Google Chrome is out and handles that issue natively, but I’m still using this extension to monitor my tab (over)usage.

The extension puts a small icon in the status bar alongside the number of open tabs. If more than one window is open, the extension shows the number of open tabs in the current window / the total number of open tabs.

Please let me know below if you have any comments!

Update: An update has been submitted to Mozilla that supports Firefox 3.5, and it’ll show up on the it’s now available on the official extension page once it’s been approved.