I’m on Jon Udell’s Interviews with Innovators!

Jon Udell hosted Charlie and I on his Interviews with Innovators podcast.

We discussed Path101‘s approach to career advice through data, and how the high availability of data is changing the way we make decisions.

Listen here.

What am I like? How about you?

My Path 101 Personality Quiz Traits

Highest Scoring Traits

Love of Thinking



Lowest Scoring Traits




Like-minded people work in:

Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Computer Hardware and Infrastructure

Urban Planning

Corporate Law

See hmason’s full assessment and get your own.

I’ve always been skeptical of and fascinated by personality tests. On the one hand, it’s your personality — who could possibly know more about you than you do? On the other, there’s something alluring about quantifying your characteristics, especially when you can compare them to others.

These are my results from the Path101 personality test. Go see how you compare!