Lucene Revolution Keynote: Search is Not a Solved Problem

The wonderful folks at LucidWorks have posted the video of my recent Lucene Revolution keynote.

The brief idea behind this talk is that search is not a solved problem — there is still a big opportunity for building search (and finding?) capabilities for the kinds of questions that the current product fail to solve. For example, why do search engines just return a list of sorted URLs, but give me no information about the themes that are consistent across them?

The audience was technical, specifically Lucene and Solr devs, so I spent some time talking about how we use those technologies at bitly.

Conference: Web2 Expo SF

I gave a talk called A Data-driven Look at the Realtime Web Ecosystem at the Web2Expo SF conference in May in San Francisco. I attempted to highlight some of the interesting facets of the data set, and it appeared to be well-received (showing up on TechCrunch, ZDNet, and a few other places).

I attended the full conference, and it was great. The attendees were extremely international and I met a ton of fascinating people.

I’m still getting a couple of e-mail requests per week for my slides and materials, so they’re posted below for posterity.

The slides:

And the video:

As always, I welcome your questions or comments.

IgniteNYC: The video!

The video of my IgniteNYC presentation is up, and has gotten a great response!

I’m working on removing the me-specific bits from the code and I’ll be posting it as open-source very soon!