Mobile app: WHEREAMI

WHEREAMI is a mobile application that accepts a username as input, searches public profiles on various location-aware services, and returns the user’s last known location via text message.

Just text 41411 with whereami <username>, where <username> is a username that you or someone you know is likely to use.

results of WHEREAMI hmason

For example, if you text whereami hmason to 41411, you’ll see a response much like the image to the left.

This app works on the principle that people tend to use the same username for many applications. The WHEREAMI script will search through a variety of web services for a result for that username. All of the information is public and available without logging in.

Right now, the script will search Brightkite, then Dopplr, and finally Twitter. If you know of another site with public user location information, please comment below and I’ll add it!

Following a group of Twitterers without exhausting SMS

I’m at SXSW, and I want an ability to see the latest Tweets from the group of Twitterers that I follow who are here in the area. I also have a limited number of text messages on my phone (1500, but still).

I coded up a quick app that allows you to great a group of twitterers and see their latest tweet on a mobile-friend page. Check it out.

Comments are welcome!