IgniteNYC: How to Replace Yourself with a Very Small Shell Script

me glowing at ignite I recently gave a talk at IgniteNYC on How to Replace Yourself with a Very Small Shell Script.

The Ignite events are a fun blend of performance, technology, and speaking skill. Each presenter gives a five minute talk with twenty slides that auto-advance after 15 seconds.

The title of my talk is a classic geek reference (you can get the t-shirt). I’m very interested in developing automated techniques for handling the massive and growing amounts of information that we all have to deal with. I started with e-mail and twitter, both of which are easy to access programmatically (via IMAP and the Twitter API).

In the talk, I went through several of the simple and successful e-mail management scripts that I’ve developed.

I decided to talk about this project because I’m not sure where this should go next, but I got some great feedback and I’m looking forward to future work on the project!

The slides are below, and the full talk will be online soon.