Mobile app: WHEREAMI

WHEREAMI is a mobile application that accepts a username as input, searches public profiles on various location-aware services, and returns the user’s last known location via text message.

Just text 41411 with whereami <username>, where <username> is a username that you or someone you know is likely to use.

results of WHEREAMI hmason

For example, if you text whereami hmason to 41411, you’ll see a response much like the image to the left.

This app works on the principle that people tend to use the same username for many applications. The WHEREAMI script will search through a variety of web services for a result for that username. All of the information is public and available without logging in.

Right now, the script will search Brightkite, then Dopplr, and finally Twitter. If you know of another site with public user location information, please comment below and I’ll add it!

11 Comments on “Mobile app: WHEREAMI

  1. laurenhat says:

    I only use Twitter out of those… how does 41411 determine location from Twitter? (It apparently can’t find my location, though that doesn’t surprise me.)

  2. mark076h says:

    comment slow?

  3. mark076h says:


    in your twitter profile options there is a field for the location so you probably entered your city and just forgot.

    I use this cool website all the time to find people that are tweeting around me

  4. Great idea, Hilary. I just tried it out. It gave me my Brightkite location as of 11/4/2008, but not my Dopplr location as of 2/12/2009. Shouldn’t it give the most recent location that it finds?

  5. Jason Hagger says:

    It’s amazing how these types of programs are so accessible and so useful- and yet- so dangerous too! Seems like each new social media application, GPS solution, and etc, is just another tool in the stalkers bag!

    I’m still earning my BSCS (from American Sentinel University:, but I’m developing a program that would help shield personal information from tools like this. Don’t get me wrong- I think they’re useful- but in the wrong hands, these types of tools are outright dangerous!

  6. Hilary – great app.

    If you are open to suggestions, it would be great if it would take the Twitter Lat/Long and translate it into a city/state pair.

    Should be an easy real-time lookup after getting the location results.

  7. beef623 says:

    Google Latitude has location info too. I don’t remember if it’s public or not, but I think it is.

  8. didImissSomething says:

    Where do I get that script?

  9. Hilary Mason says:

    I haven’t release this particular script. It’s just parsing web pages to pull out location data, and as with any scraping script, it’ll break as soon as one of the sites significantly changes their HTML format. If you e-mail me I’m happy to send you the code, but I don’t plan to update it.

  10. Stan says:

    Does Facebook have a public user location?

  11. Jonk says:

    How about adding Gowalla?