NPR: Interview on Science Friday

On Friday, January 28th I hopped in a cab and went up to NPR’s Bryant Park recording studio for a fifteen minute chat with Ira Flatow, host of Science Friday. I’ve been a big fan of Ira and Science Friday since I discovered the show years ago, and it was a very exciting honor to be a guest.

The image at the right is a snapshot I took with my phone while nervously waiting outside the studio.

The title of the segment is the rather dramatic Privacy At Stake As Sites Track Online Preferences. Our conversation wound around the issues of tracking user data online, and the potential opportunities and dangers that all users of online services face.

NPR has the full broadcast and transcript online.

By far the most fun and unexpected aspect of this was the number of people who wrote to me to ask questions or say that they appreciated my perspective. Many of them don’t typically follow technology news or startups, and it’s exciting to hear from people who heard the interview and were intrigued.

3 Comments on “NPR: Interview on Science Friday”

  1. I heard the tail end of the interview, and was quite impressed (and subsequently subscribed to this blog). You did a great job talking about modern-day privacy issues, and I appreciated the firesheep reference.

    If you were nervous while you were on the air, you didn’t show it at all – in fact, I assumed from your performance that you were a frequent guest speaker on radio/television.

    Also, it’s great to hear a woman in computer science speaking simply as a computer scientist. The field needs more good role models for aspiring scientists and hackers.

    The NPR geek in me is disappointed in the low-res phone photo – I’ve always wondered how the hosts and producers communicate in shows like scifri, and how the studios work in general..

  2. As always Congrats! Seems like you’re always busy teaching everyone. I knew you’re educating days wouldn’t end with JWU :)

  3. Hilary, it was years ago that we were on a panel in Boston, but I recognized your voice immediately on the radio. Grats on both your accomplishments and a great interview.