Using Twitter’s Lead-Gen Card to Recruit Beta Testers

It turns out that it’s pretty easy to co-opt Twitter’s Lead Generation card for anything where you want to gather a bunch of e-mail addresses from your Twitter community. I was looking for people willing to alpha test a little side project of mine, and it worked great and didn’t cost anything.

The tweet itself:

I created it pretty easily:

  1. First, go to, log in, and go to “creatives”, then “cards”.
  2. Click “Create Lead Generation Card”. It’s a big blue button.
  3. You can include a title and a short description. Curiously, you can also include a 600px by 150px image. This seems like an opportunity to say a bit more about what you’re doing.
  4. You do have to set up a privacy policy URL. I used a simple google doc.
  5. You also need to configure a fallback URL, which is where people will go if they don’t have a Twitter client capable of the one-click signup. I used a Google form, which let people give me their e-mail addresses directly.

And that’s it! Tweet enthusiastically, then wait patiently, because if you don’t integrate your Twitter card with your CRM, you have to wait ~24 hours for the download link to appear in the Twitter cards manager. The resulting CSV looks like this:

Timestamp,User id,Name,Twitter handle,Email
2013-12-12T23:36:05,774485611,Robots Rule,RobotzRule,

A little bit of awk later and I had a list of e-mails ready to go. I ended up getting 49 responses through the Google form and 197 through the Twitter card. It was easy and I’ll definitely do this next time I need to collect people’s e-mail addresses for a project.

12 Comments on “Using Twitter’s Lead-Gen Card to Recruit Beta Testers”

  1. Nice! This is a great example of an easy way to get some beta testers and target the people who could most use your project! I am going to try this :)

  2. Would you mind sharing how much you spent on this campaign and your engagement percentages?

  3. Kamil Rextin says:

    I don’t see ‘Creatives’ all I see if promoted tweet promoted account… what am I missing? =/

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  5. That is such an awesome hack. Thanks,Hilary!