A (short) List of Data Science Blogs

I’m gathering a bundle of data science blogs to share. I’m looking to include blogs that update regularly and aren’t either personal opinion and project blogs (like this one) or primarily about marketing any particular company. Let me know if you have a favorite that I’ve forgotten.

If you’re just looking for one place to start, hop on over to Simply Statistics.

7 Comments on “A (short) List of Data Science Blogs”

  1. rouli nir says:

    I enjoy reading Statistically Significant (alandgraf.blogspot.com) though I’m not sure what can be considered as a project blog…

  2. Cam Davidson Pilon says:

    Can I offer my own? http://camdp.com/blogs/ 

  3. Igor Carron says:

    I generally talk about and feature everything that relates to the actual taming of the tsunami of data through different algorithms ( Compressive Sensing, Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra, Advanced Matrix Factorization, etc….) and sensors. Nuit Blanche is at: http://nuit-blanche.blogspot.com


  4. Katya Vasilaky says:

    Hi Hilary. I keep a blog about econometric issues that simply recounts threads of questions between myself and other PhD Economists and Data Scientists  I’ve never tried to promote it-it’s just a way for me and my friends to keep track of our issues. Though, we would love input when we could get it!! Katya Vasilaky. http://iamjustapointe.blogspot.com/

  5. Hi Hilary Mason,Here is the blog which give the barrier access to daily science updates, please go through the following link.


  6. Sunitha says:

    Hi, Hilary Mason, Here is the site http://globalbigdataconference.com/news.php which offers latest info on data science, big data, hadoop etc.