Gitmarks: a peer-to-peer bookmarking system

Several months ago I was looking for a command-line solution for group bookmark sharing. I couldn’t find one, so I coded up a quick python script that runs on top of git. It’s very much a hack that takes advantage of git to manage users, preserve the URL, the tags, the description of the URL (in the commit message) and also includes the content itself (so it’s grep-able later). If you put it on github, you get the additional commenting and collaboration features. You can check out my original code here.

I’m very excited that Far McKon has picked up the project and has a great vision for where it can go. If you’re interested in hacking on it with him, let him know!

Folks: I’m working on a p2p bookmark sharing based on @hmason ‘s code. Python/git based. Want to help? #opensource @openhatchless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

3 Comments on “Gitmarks: a peer-to-peer bookmarking system”

  1. hassan says:

    yeap i would be happy to,

    i m more OOP than functional, C++ , JAva and a lot of C#
    but i m motivate to wotk on any social thing based on p2p


  2. Thejesh GN says:

    Awesome. Loving it.

  3. Hello, Hilary! Welcome to Georgia)