Learn to Code, Learn to Think

I recently had a tweet that’s caused a bit of comment, and I wanted to expand on the point.

I’m a huge fan of the movement to teach people, especially kids, to code.

When you learn to code, you’re learning to think precisely and analytically about a quirky world. It doesn’t really matter which particular technology you learn, as long as you are learning to solve the underlying logical problems. If a student becomes a professional engineer, their programming ability will rise above the details of the language, anyway. And if they don’t, they will have learned to reason logically, a skill that’s invaluable no matter what they end up doing.

That you can apparently complete a three month Ruby bootcamp and get a job today is an artifact of a bizarre employment market, and likely unsustainable. But by dedicating three months to learning to think in a logical framework, you’ll also gain an ability that will open opportunities for you for the rest of your life.

11 Comments on “Learn to Code, Learn to Think”

  1. Michael Weis says:

    I want to learn to code as well – where’s a good place to start and what’s good to start out for someone who wants to pursue a career in analytics??

  2. Try codeavengers.com, awesome site for learning to code especially if you haven’t had much experience.

  3. Becky says:

    So where does one get the Ruby bootcamp 3-month training?

  4. GABRIELA says:

    Very interesting point of view, that I think is actually right. But for a person with no education in logical mathematic thinking, where to start?

  5. alcohollica says:

    Is Python great programming language for start? Because I started Python and still learn Python :) (My English is bad, sorry for my grammer :)

  6. Clark Fitzgerald says:

    Sounds like the same justification as having to learn math in school. I agree.

  7. Joe Orban says:

    Yes. Back in grad school we had a foreign language requirement (it was the last century) and they added a new choice the year I started, FORTRAN. I choose programming, looking back it was the absolute best course choice I every made in college. Now I am trying to get my teenage daughter interested with Codeacademy online. Combining fields, Psychology and Technology in my case, is the way to add value to both your career and the world of knowledge.

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