Why Google Now is Awesome

google-now-cardsGoogle Now is an extension to Google’s Android search app that uses all of the data that Google has about you along with what it can guess about your current context to present the information it thinks you need when it thinks you need it.

It’ll tell you to leave a bit early to make your next calendar event because of heavy traffic, or that it’s a friend’s birthday, or that there’s a cool cafe nearby where you are.

I think it’s amazing.

It’s amazing because this is the first Google product that takes ALL OF THE DATA that they have about us and actually makes it useful for us. Not for advertisers.


11 Comments on “Why Google Now is Awesome”

  1. You never know if this can be further extended to increase their revenue model. A restaurant owner would not mind paying Google for getting more customers.

  2. Kathryn Neel says:

    Really liking this idea, too bad I don’t have an android device. Hmm, new purchase???

  3. David says:

    They let you use all the data they have in exchange for you giving them mountains of more data they can sell.

  4. Joel Grus says:

    My favorite part is how it automatically looks up the flight status of flights that I have confirmation emails for. I mean, it’s a little creepy if you think about it too hard, but it’s pretty handy.

  5. I like the Leave Now to Make this Appointment feature, but there needs to be a way to specify a post arrival prep time. The time between arriving at a street address and being appointment ready is never zero.

  6. Totally agree! I wish they had explained how awesome this was going to be when there was the whole uproar about the change in the Google privacy policy with search results. When I started using Google Now, I was like, “Ohh so this is why there was that change.. totally worth it.”

  7. I bought a Nexus 4 specifically for Google Now. It’d be nice if we had better control over the cards, though.

    (Ironically, I still use iCloud for my contacts and calendar… but it doesn’t seem to be an issue for Now’s software.)

  8. lenwood says:

    I’ve loved this feature of Android since I upgraded to 4.0 last fall. This past weekend it creeped me out though. In January my wife & I spent time in Ft Worth and had dinner at a local restaurant. It was a grab & go deal, we were only there for about 30 mins. Last weekend we were driving through Ft Worth again, one of the cards on my phone was directions to that restaurant. Google Now is creepy accurate if it can 1) nail the restaurant I’m eating at by GPS and 2) retain that info for a couple of months and recommend that I return there.

    98% of the time Google Now’s recommendations are applicable and helpful. That one made me wonder what else they’re tracking.

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